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Explore Pedalaman Suku Baduy

On 14 until 15 of May 2015 are my lucky days, because I tripped to “Pedalaman Suku Baduy” and I got some new friends maybe at arround 22 person and I also had an opportunity to know the culture of Suku Baduy.

We started from Duri station at 07.00 A.M. In wish, we would take a good train as usual like our commuterline but the reality, we take the economic train! During the trip, I felt so hot because the air conditioner in the train was broken and at the time we only could feel the wind through the window train. And we arrived at 10.30 A.M in Rangkas Bitung station. After that, we took lunch early and bought some drink to prepare for the trip. Then we walked to the rental car which would bring us to the Ciboleger Village which would be our first place to start the adventure.

As you know, the elf car very small so 5 of us should sit on the top of the car. Maybe this is one of the craziest things I have ever seen, because we faced a lot of stone and perforated way. I’m was worried with my friends on the top, felt scared if they fall from the top. At arround 02.00 P.M, we arrived at Ciboleger Village and prepared to treck to Pedalaman Suku Baduy. I thought the starting point is bad but I just kept positive thinking and tried to enjoy the way.

At arround 03.00 P.M we start to treck from Baduy Luar. The treck was still easy and while walking you could see some of Baduy Luar people who was wearing their traditional clothes and making a loom. Because loom is one of the characteristics from Suku Pedalaman Baduy.

I couldn’t say anything about the treck, but the farther we walked, it was going to be more difficult, because the treck had up and down. But before we get into Baduy Dalam, we passed a lot of amazing bridge, because the bridges was made by bamboo and the under of it has a river, so before we continued the journey, we took some rest and some photos, because later, when we get into Pedalaman Suku Baduy we couldn’t take some photos again. “Why?” Just an information, Suku Pedalaman Baduy has a tradition. During in Baduy Dalam, we can’t use gadget or modern electronic and all items which contain chemicals like toothpaste, soap, perfume etc.

During walking to Baduy Dalam, we were devided into two groups. And I joined in the second group. Group one arrived in Baduy Dalam at 06.30 P.M and the second group arrived at 09.30 P.M. At the time, I was so tired because we got one problem during the journey, the problem is rain. And some of my friends, including me, didn’t have rain coat. I thought: “Oh My Gosh!!!”

In Baduy Dalam, we stayed in one of people from Baduy Dalam House, name “Kang Santa”. During in Kang Santa’s House, we took some rest and dinner, after that we slept. And you know, in Kang Santa’s House, had no lamp, they only used small torch as light in the house.

Morning was coming, and we should prepare and leave Kang Santa’s House. At arround 08.00 A.M we left for Baduy Luar. During the walking, all of us knew we would pass “Jembatan Akar” we couldn’t wait to go there and see what is it look like. And you know, that is an amazing dan very beautiful bridge. Why Suku Pedalaman Baduy call the bridge “Jembatan Akar”? As I know, Jembatan Akar had a made by bamboo once, but as the time when by the bridge was crawled with roots. The roots which crawled the bridge was coming from the tree which grow near the bridge and it was about 50 until 70 years from the beginning. This is amazing I think! And at arround 04.30 P.M we already arrived at Baduy luar and took some rest, took a bath etc. At 06.00 P.M we leaved for Maja Station and arrived in Jakarta at 10:30 P.M.

During walking starting from Baduy Luar until Baduy Dalam, I got some information about the culture of Suku Pedalaman Baduy. As I know, Baduy Dalam and Baduy Luar has some differences for example, Baduy Dalam is the original people of the tribe and Baduy Luar is also the tribe but they are people who has merried with others who are not the tribe and they decided to leave outside of the original tribe, that’s why people call them Baduy Luar. Baduy Luar can use electronic and modern equipment and they can use traditional clothes which has black or dark blue color and also modern clothes like jeans and they also can ride motorcycle and car. For Baduy Dalam, as I know, they don’t use footwear and electronic tools, they wear black / white woven clothes and sewn it themselves and they are not allowed to use modern clothes. Both Baduy Luar and Baduy Dalam have the same habitude “Lojor heunteu beunang dipotong, pendek heunteu beunang disambung means that (Panjang tidak bisa/tidak boleh dipotong, pendek tidak bisa/tidak boleh disambung)”.

And they have the same language “Sunda language”. I’m so proud for Suku Pedalaman Baduy. And the last, if you want to know more about the culture of Baduy Luar dan Baduy Dalam, you should go there.

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