Be A True Adventurer By Hiking Mount Salak

Mount Salak is famous for its mystery. A lot of people think that Mount Salak is haunted. It has a lot of ghost stories, other mysthical stories and difficult trecks. These make me want to know more about Mount Salak directly.

One of my friends, Jamie as a tour leader, invited me to go to Mount Salak on 09 until 11 of Oktober 2015. Without thinking too much, I said yes. And maybe this is my new challenge.

And then, the day was coming, at 10.00 P.M, Yovita, Jamie, Ridwan, Komeng and I already arrived at Bogor station. While waiting some of my new friends, I talk about our traveling experience with Rachma, Siska and Claudya. I’m so proud for them, because they have a lof of stories. Finally, at arround 11.30 P.M we were already complete and at 12.00 A.M we started from Bogor Station to Sukabumi by public transportation. At arround 02.00 A.M, we arrived at Mount Salak basecamp and for ladies we slept in mosque.

Finally, on 10 of Oktober 2015, at 06.30 A.M we started from basecamp to Simpang Bajuri as a starting point to hike toward Mount Salak. To get to Simpang Bajuri we should walk 2.4Km.

And then, when we already arrived in Simpang Bajuri, we rest for a while. To get to the top of Mount Salak, we should walk 5Km again.

Without taking rest too much, we prepare to hike to Mount Salak. During hiking, we were devided into two groups. As I know, I always be the last group. I couldn’t say anything about the treck, but the farther we climbed, it was going to be more difficult because the treck had up and in some treck we must climb using rope because the treck have tilt until 75 degrees. During climbing, we got one problem, the problem was rain, and some of my friends, including me, didn’t have rain coat. I thought : “Oh My Gosh!!!” Because when it rains, the treck will be more slippery. As the time goes by, finally at 06.30 P.M our last group Jamie, Udin and I arrived in the top of Mount Salak 1. It was getting dark, the temperature was getting cold and I was very tired. In there we built five tents, starting from Simpang Bajuri to the top, we have not bonus! At the time, when I rest in the tent, I felt unwell with my body, felt very cold until my bone. After dinner, one of my friends gave me vodka. He said vodka can warm my body. After I drank the vodka, I got slept . At 03.30 A.M, He called me again to drank vodka. I hate to drink it because the taste is very bitter. But the vodka was very helpful for us, including me. After that we all slept and rest.

At 04.30 A.M some of my friends already woke up to cook for breakfast. And other friends, including me, still slept. Maybe at 05.30 we already woke up and ready to see the beauty of Sunrise. The time was coming, the sunrise came up and we took a lot of photos. I don’t know why, I always like this moment so much.

After took a lot of photos, we had some breakfast and prepared to climb down at 08.30 A.M. We climbed down by the crazy treck again. Maybe, it was rainy season, I fell a lot and it was very sick! because the way very slippery and mossy after rain. Along the way, I felt headache and dizzy because of drinking the vodka last night. And it became the trouble to climb down.

During the climbing down, I meet some climbers who climb down too. They gave me support and one of them helped me to bring my bag until rolling stone. The time goes by, I already arrived in “Puncak Bayangan” and rest for a while. One of climbers gave me some milk and hot water to neutralize my condition. Without taking rest too much, Me, Claudya and Ridwan left them to climb down again. After from Puncak Bayangan, Ridwan left Me and Claudya to follow the climber who brought my bag. Finally, only me and claudya to climb down. Along the way, we meet Jamie and Komeng. We rest and climb down together until “Simpang Bajuri” and prepared walking to basecamp. At 05.30 we already arrived in basecamp, took some rest, took a bath and etc. At arround 06.00 P.M we left Mount Salak Basecamp and went Bogor Station and arrived in Jakarta at arround 10.30 P.M.

During climbing, I meet many other climbers and they were very cooperative. We greet each other and sometimes ask where do you comes from. Many climbers whom don’t know each other even help to just offer drink or food and work together to climb the mountain until the top. Positive behavior like this that we need to apply in real life. Help, remind and greet each other. So you can feel that the natural beauty is priceless.

Febe Shinta

Hi, I'm Febe Shinta! Author of this blog. Please enjoy!

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