Test Adrenaline In Cianten River

Now, I didn’t tell about climb in the mountain, but I would like to tell you about my experience when I was tripped with @backpackerjakarta in Cianten River on 10 of January 2016. We were consist of 36 people and from various places like Daan Mogot, Bekasi, Jakarta, Serang, Kelapa Gading, Mampang, Serpong, Depok, Kramat Jati, Tanjung Priok, Cengkareng and etc.

Cianten River is one of place in Bogor as a location of rafting. At 08.00 A.M we start from KFC in Bogor to Basecamp. But before we left, Dwi and Putri as a tour leader make sure all of us already completed after that we left used public transpotation. At 09.30 A.M we arrived at basecamp and relax for a while time and at the same time we prepared to use gear of rafting like buoys, protective helmets and paddle.

At 10.00 A.M we left basecamp toward to hard point and at 11.00 A.M we already arrived. Before we started to rafting, all of us got some information about rafting from Bima as a leader, because some of us are first time to joined including me. The information like; “We must to passed 12KM in Cianten River until finish and 1 boat consist of 5 until 6 including 1 guide, and if the guide say;left position paddle backwards it means right position must paddle forward and otherwise, and then if the guide say; “Bom” it means we must to bowed our head to the middle of the boat and the last if one of us fell from the boat, we must to relax and don’t panic because team rescue will help us”.

So, we are ready to rafting!! yeahhhh!!
We were consist of 7 boat and 7 guide ( Alan, Jon, Rian, Sofel, Adhe, Tomy and Dadan ). Me one boat with Arya, Juna, Candri, Niken and 1 guide Tomy. Tomy is one of guide of C-Aventure. He have more experience about rafting in Cianten River because He always gave some information about the river during we passed. I’m very satisfied about it. During we passed some of Jeram, we don’t forget to take more photos and you can see the picture below :

100 meter before finished we rest and eat some food. At the same time, we take more picture again.

After that, we go back to basecamp and take a rest for a while time and at the same time, some of us take a bath and lunch.

This is the first experience for me to joined rafting with @backpackerjakarta. I’m so happy because I got new friends and new community. We can shared about our traveling and experience with them like cost and conditions there. Some of us, they already go to Raja Ampat, Flores, Wae Rebo, Yogyakarta, Slamet Mountain, Ranukumbolo and etc. And I don’t forget to say special thanks for our leader Dwi and Putri I’m so proud with them because they can handle us well. And I hope, I can joined with@backpackerjakarta for the next trip.

Febe Shinta

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