Hi, i am Febe Shinta, the owner of febeshinta.com and also the editor in chief of backpackerjakarta.comI love writing, and also traveling. I promise to share the moments with others with all the experiences that I have done. Because for me, experience means “Memories”. About what happens at that time, and the feelings.

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Let me tell you the story. In 2017, I was graduate from one of collage in Jakarta with English Literature. I am so suprised, I can finish this challenge well. Because, since senior high school I didn’t understand and concentrate about English. Now, I would like to tell you, don’t be afraid to learn about something new, even you don’t understand. When you believe, try hard and confidence with yourself, nothing is impossible.

Passion on Travelling
I don’t know where or when I love travelling. As a person, I Interested to understand and see new things. I really want to know about the histories, arts and cultures from the different places, because Travelling is not about departing and landing, but the experience that would open my eyes wider that this world isn’t small.

How Did I Start Travel 
I have been addicted to travelling since 2015. I had my first visit to “Baduy Dalam” with my friend to know about the culture of Suku Baduy. During the trip, it was rainy! And you know, the farther I walked, it was going to be more difficult, because the treck had up and down. But, I enjoyed the journey, view and every step that I took, it was an amazing experience. If you want to know more about the culture of Baduy, just click here. I promise to go back again someday.

After getting back from “Baduy Dalam” I learned about the most important meaning that we can get from travelling is to make us become someone who can socialize well without distinguishing a tribe, culture, and religion of people. Indirectly, it teach us about an attitude how to respect and be kind to one another.

Planning is one of the most important things in one’s life, where the plan could become a target for someone to be more focused. Yup, I started saving money to achieve my dream one by one.

The content on this website is based on my own experience, and also taken from various sources and references like google, wikipedia or anything related to my article. I am very happy if you guys correct me if I did a mistakes in making information or using images on this website. Please, let me know. So, it can be fixed immediately.

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Febe Shinta

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