I have a lot of dreams. When I was a kid my dream was to be a doctor, and as the time goes by, I have another dreams, sometimes; I want to be a person with different profession. But now as I  grown up, I know what I want to be.

In 2017, I was graduate from one of collage in Jakarta with English Literature. For me, this is a challenge. Because when I was senior high school, I don’t understand about English. When my teacher teach me about English, I didn’t even concentrate about that, and I always got 4 (four) or 5 (five) for my score. I believeI can finish this challenge well and I will prove that the past remains the futureAnd now, I will try to graduate with the best scoreI will try even though I was wrong in doing the task or use the vocabulary incorrectly. I’m not confident with myself, but I will always try because, if I didn’t try, I do not how far I can break my limit.

Planning is one of the most important things in one’s life, where the plan could become a target for someone to be more focused. I don’t know when or where I love photography and I’m not sure if photography maybe could become my hobby and passion. I think, photography means, “Memories.” It’s all about capturing a perfect moment so I can look back about what was happening in my life at that time, the feelings I experienced, and cherish the moments shared with others. Beauty can be seen from some aspect like nature, sea or mountain, that’s why I love those place so much. Wherever I goI will not miss a moment to take a picture of natural beauty especially Indonesia.

I love traveling, that’s is the reason why I will spend my time to go another place especially in Indonesia. I love to travel because as a person, I’m interested in understanding and seeing new things. I really want to discover inspiring stories, histories, cultures, arts and I would like to test the cultures of different peoples when I went another place.

I want to get a profession that will satisfy me, challenge me, and bring me joy. I believe that a job should be like a hobby. So, startfrom now onI promise to make all my plans be real for the future one by one.

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